Lindeman Lake

Lindeman Lake is one of the first hikes we ever did. We initially picked it because the time to complete the hike is about 2 hours round trip and its dog friendly (on-leash!).  The hike is also situated in the Chilliwack Lake area which we always love for its feeling of seclusion from the city. Its an intermediate level hike due to the incline on the majority of the trail, however it’s a short hike making it easy to do on a weekend morning. It leaves you feeling accomplished, and a bit out of breath both due to the hike and the beautiful glacier fed lake at the top.

In case you need a visual, this is an unedited photo of the lake. You can literally see to the bottom of the lake, its so pretty — and also FREEZING cold! Lindeman Lake

I recommend visiting the Vancouver Trails site for more information on the specifics of the Lindeman Lake hike. They do a great job of outlining the driving directions, hiking route, elevation change etc.

As for some recommendations, here are some of mine:

  • Timing: It normally takes us about 45 mins to 1 hour to reach the lake. I recommend starting this hike earlier in the day as the parking lot fills up quickly on sunny summer days and the trail itself isn’t terribly wide in many sections, particularly at the beginning. Having fewer people on it makes it more enjoyable to hike, and leaves you extra breathing room if you need to take a quick break without feeling like you’re holding up a line of people behind you.
  • Clothing/Gear: As this is a fairly easy hike terrain-wise, a good pair of runners is really all you need. I always also recommend taking a day-pack with a water bottle and  a small emergency kit regardless of how far you’re hiking because you just never know!
  • Views: The hike itself is pretty as there is a lot of greenery, but there aren’t any views until you actually get up to the lake. Once you’re up there you can continue on around the lake to find a sitting area to have a picnic or a rest, or continue hiking onto Greendrop Lake. Lindeman is actually 1 of 3 lakes in a loop that you can hike into. We haven’t yet made it to Greendrop as the last time we tried we had our dog Roo with us, and it was a bit tricky to navigate with a small dog.  I’ll update once we’ve hiked in with additional info.
  • Dogs on Trail: The trail is definitely dog friendly. As someone with a small dog (Read: about 15 lbs), we were able to easily make it up to the lake and around to the south side with our dog. Do be careful of broken glass around the lake though, we’ve encountered it both times we hiked up unfortunately.
  • Camping: You can back country camp at Lindeman, but there are only a few pads which are raised and wooden. Because they’re wooden, I HIGHLY suggest making sure you have a good sleeping pad. Wood is not comfortable to sleep on without some padding! To camp here overnight you’ll also need to make sure you have a back country permit which can be purchased online through the BC Parks website. Don’t skip this step as it lets the park rangers know why your car is still in the parking lot at the end of the day, and helps them know who is in the park if there is an emergency. We actually prefer to book a site at the Chilliwack Lakes campground and day hike in the area rather than back country camping in this instance.
Hiking up to Lindeman Lake

Enjoying the Hike to Lindeman Lake

Happy Hiking!