Welcome to Cashews & Kale!

Cashews & Kale is a cooking blog devoted to making vegan recipes that are familiar, fresh and approachable! If you love classics like comforting pasta, cozy bowls of soup, fresh salads, mouthwatering burgers and sandwiches, I have just the recipes for you. If you’re interested in breaking out of your culinary box to try something new that is delicious and easy to make, then you’re in the right place! My recipes are easy to prepare, satisfying, and always vegan. I am a strong believer in whole, real food. This doesn’t mean I don’t venture into “fake meat” territory on occasion, but the majority of my recipes are made from whole, real ingredients that are good for your body.  My goal is to inspire you to incorporate more plant-based meals into your menu rotation and enjoy doing it!

Who am I? 

BeigeHi, I’m Beige! I’m a passionate home cook who has been obsessing over food since I was 5. My earliest memories are in the kitchen are making homemade pizza with my parents and getting to make my own concoction out of the leftover sauce and toppings. I mixed all the leftover sauce and toppings together in the pizza sauce can and was very pleased with myself. My parents were likely less pleased as they endured countless tastings of my pizza sauce masterpiece and even more batches of failed, over spiced scrambled eggs over the years. I’ve certainly grown as a cook since my days mixing sauce and toppings in a can, but one thing has never changed — cooking is my foundation. I’m happy? I cook. I’m stressed out? I cook. I want to show you that I care about you? I cook for you. Cooking is truly what makes me happiest in life, and I’m so excited to share my food with you!

What if you’re not cooking?

If I’m not cooking,  I can usually be found with my partner, Ryan. We love to check out craft breweries and restaurants in our area and have a tendency to watch an obscene amount of Netflix. On a healthier note, we also love skiing in the Winter — though Ryan would tell you that we like snowboarding.  Its a classic Ski vs. Snowboard debate in our household.

During the spring and summer we enjoy hiking and camping on the weekends and have recently taken up gardening. We’re excited to see if we have green thumbs! I’ve broken my house plant killing streak, so I think the odds are in our favour ;). Finally, our most favourite pass time is hanging out with our two fur-babies, Roo & Ollie. Like any obsessive doggie parent , I of course have photos that you need to see. So, here are my beautiful loves….

You said you like hiking, but there’s a whole section. I thought this was a food blog?

Indeed, the hiking section is devoted to delicious vegan/plant-based hiking food! We live in beautiful British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. There are mountains here and tons of them. Hiking is a big part of our late spring & summers and is something that makes me feel grounded and connected to myself, much in the same way that cooking does. Being out in nature is essential and should be done often.  One of the struggles I found when becoming vegan in 2016 and wanting to hike, was the lack of healthy hiking food that wasn’t full of questionable ingredients. I found it even harder to find solid meal ideas online that would leave us satisfied after a day of hiking. One can only eat so many granola bars and nuts. So, I began experimenting with making my own and packing it with us. We made snacks, easy portable lunches and even dehydrated dinners.  We had great success, and even completed the West Coast Trail in 2016 using our vegan premade meals. Everyone was commenting on how delicious our food looked, so I thought I’d share my hiking recipes with you!