Vegan Meal Plan – Week 1

Welcome to the first vegan meal plan of 2019!

This week’s meal plan is based predominantly around what I had in my fridge to save on costs. Right now, that happens to be a LOT of Asian ingredients like Kimchi, frozen dumplings from New Year’s Eve, and udon noodles. I also had some odds and ends from the holidays like a leftover pie crust and a fairly well stocked pantry to start off. All of this meant this week’s shopping was well under budget for us.

If you’re still building up a pantry or don’t have a stash of some ethnic ingredients such as Asian or middle eastern ingredients, this menu plan may not be as cost effective for you if you’re on a tight budget. That said, feel free to mix and match! Take one or two recipes from the plan and add them into your normal rotation, or use the whole plan. It is your meal plan after all!

One last note before we jump into the plan for this week: we mainly meal plan around dinners making enough food for 4 instead of just us 2, and then make lunches based off of leftovers as we both enjoy them. Sometimes we’ll make a big batch of a lunch centric item, usually a chickpea salad for sandwiches, or a big batch of soup, and sometimes we’ll prep specific lunches such as a buddah bowl. But, most of the time we make larger batches of dinner to take for lunches the next day to help save on costs and time. Now, lets jump into the vegan meal plan for week one!

Here’s the plan for Dinners this week:

SaturdayKimchi Fried Rice from Connoisseurusveg & Pan Fried Dumplings (I have premade frozen ones in my freezer — you can easily use Veggie Gyoza for this or omit entirely)

Sunday Sun-Dried Tomato Quiche from Oh She Glows & tossed salad

Monday – Our Favourite Veggie Chili & Cornbread by me! (Cashews & Kale)

Tuesday – Mushroom, Broccoli & Tofu Stir-fry with Udon Noodles & Kimchi — I have a tendency to wing stir-fries based on what I have, but if you’re looking for a recipe this one by Canadian Living is good!

Wednesday Sweet Potato Black Bean Bowls with Red Cabbage Slaw from Mama Eats Plants

Thursday – Chickpea Fesenjan from Minimalist Baker with brown rice & tossed salad. The recipe I use is from her cookbook and is AMAZING, but she has a lentil version on her website that looks very close!

Friday – Homemade Pizza with Mushrooms, Onions and Peppers (or any toppings that you want!). I use the “That Dough” from Lauren Toyota’s Vegan Comfort Classics cookbook — it’s delicious and makes enough for 2 pizzas! If you don’t have her book, I’ve made this one from her website too and its really good!

For Lunches:

  • Leftover Chili & Cornbread
  • Leftover Sweet Potato Black Bean Bowls
  • Leftover Chickpea Fesenjan
  • Soup from the Freezer – This week its an Amy’s Lentil soup copycat recipe I’ve been working on that is soup-er (ha-ha!) yummy and will be posted later this month
  • Hummus & Veggies for a snack — I either pick up my favourite store-bought one, or make a big batch at home for snacks throughout the week.
  • Apples & Nut butter for a stack

For Breakfasts:

  • Smoothies – This is our primary breakfast staple for us during the weekdays
  • Oatmeal with frozen berries
  • Toast with Peanut butter & Jam (my partner’s preferred breakfast because he can make a sandwich out of it and eat on the go)

Meal Prep:

If you’d like, you can meal prep some of these items. I find it easiest to prep the longer cooking items on Sunday, and then I only have to do the easy things during the week. Here’s how I did meal prep for this week:

  • Make the Chili on Sunday & let cool completely, store in fridge. When ready to serve heat on the stove or in the microwave.
  • Make the Cornbread on Sunday & let cool then slice in 8ths and store in air tight container on counter. Serve room temperature.
  • Make Chickpea Fesenjan mixture on Sunday, cool & store in fridge — on the night we eat it, I’ll make brown rice & a salad to go with it and simply heat up the mixture
  • Make Hummus on Sunday, store in large container and portion throughout the week for lunches, or pre-portion to make your life even easier!
  • Pre-cut up hearty veggies like Carrots or Celery to dip in hummus. You can store these in a container with water added to keep fresh & crunchy.
  • Make the Quiche on Sunday to eat for dinner

Happy cooking!

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